Create a Secret Santa Questionnaire: How to Ask Online Gift Exchange Questions Like a Techy Elf

Start a Secret Santa ExchangeStart a Secret Santa Exchange

If you've ever been handed a slip of paper with an acquaintance's name and only the vaguest of gift ideas listed, something like "good music" or "a shirt that fits" or even just a "surprise me," you know that a  Secret Santa gift exchange  can quickly go from holiday fun to please-help-me-Mr.-Claus. That's why, if you want to be known as Santa's Little Helper—a legend of Frosty proportions amongst coworkers, family, and friends—you'll use a questionnaire.

Help a Secret Santa out by giving them enough to go on in their sneaky gift giving endeavors so they can reign in the perfect gift regardless of whose name they draw, whether it's Dancer, Prancer, Donder, or that diva Blitzen (contrary to popular belief, Rudolph isn't the one with the big head).

These days, there are more ways to create a Secret Santa questionnaire than there are snowmen in the North Pole, including some help from modern 21st-century technology that virtually guarantees the right gifts for the right people. But don't worry: even if you turn to today's tech for a little assistance, it's still  a classic Secret Santa gift exchange. You don't have to give up the spirited mystery of who's giving a present to who to avoid the misery of wondering what "something fun/golf" means.

Why Secret Santa Questions Are the Snow to Your Man

At  Elfster, we love making sure your presents inspire the biggest smiles. That's why we're such fans of a good ole questionnaire. If you've never used one before, let us try to explain why they're more helpful than a shiny red nose in fog. Or maybe they are the shiny red nose in your gift inspiration fog. Hmmm….

Anyway, a Secret Santa questionnaire lets you inquire about a broad range of questions so you can get to know your chosen giftee—questions like, "What's your favorite candy?" or "What's the last great movie you saw?" If they answered chewing gum and Footloose, you could get them some bubble gum pink dancing shoes!

You can also ask more specific questions about their hat size or favorite sports team, as well. We took an elf consensus and all agreed the best questionnaires have a mix of both the practical and the silly so  you can surprise your Secret Santa buddy, but, you know, make sure the t-shirt actually fits.

How the Elves Create a Secret Santa Questionnaire

When crafting a gift exchange questionnaire, it's important to ask yourself, "How can I make this fun?" Keep it light, like  the first snow of the season. Here are some ideas from the Elfster imps to get you started:

  1. What website do you visit every day?
  2. Do you have a favorite childhood author, like  Lewis Carroll,  J.M. Barrie—or  Dr. Seuss?
  3. What's your favorite local spot for Sunday brunch?
  4. What's the last TV show you stayed up all night binge watching?
  5. Your Desert Island Playlist… GO! Five favorite albums you can't live without.

Make sure you distribute the completed questionnaire to the right Secret Santa, along with their giftee’s name. Don’t muck this part up or you’ll have an Abominable Snowman-sized disaster on your hands. Or, take the advice of Santa’s Lead Elf, Maurice: Use an online gift exchange website that offers a digital Secret Santa questionnaire.

Elf creating a questionnaire

An Anonymous Online Secret Santa Questionnaire for Techy Elves

The old school paper questionnaire is a great start, but there are always lingering uncertainties—paper is a pretty limited format. The questions you come up with might be great for some people in your group, but not for others. And really, there's no way to ask a follow-up without ruining Christmas, er... the surprise, for your giftee—or giving the organizer elf way more work.

That's where Elfster's anonymous online Secret Santa Questionnaire comes in like Santa magically delivering gifts to homes without a chimney (seriously, how?). Our  online gift exchange allows you to bring together an unlimited number of family, friends, coworkers, mythical holiday creatures, or even strangers from around the world, and buy presents from their wishlist directly from some of the top online vendors like Etsy, Amazon, and Target. We expand your gift giving prowess, but our anonymous questionnaire helps you narrow it down to the perfect, personalized gift.

With this feature, you can send your Secret Santa buddy anonymous questions, anything from "What's your shirt size?" to "What beauty products are your must-haves?" Elfster offers suggested questions and a way to send your own personalized ones. This allows a Secret Santa to ask direct questions without revealing his or her identity. It's the best of both worlds, made possible by our Santa-approved modern elf technology.

So, what sounds easier? Collecting and distributing pieces of paper that hopefully have helpful questions, or getting your tech on to anonymously ask your Secret Santa buddy exactly the right questions automatically?

The Christmas wish of each Secret Santa is a giftee who opens up just what they had on their list this year. The Elfster questionnaire is the key to the magical sleigh filled with the perfect present for any girl or boy, man or woman, elf or snowperson. Save the trees in the Candy Cane Forest by cutting out the confusing scraps of paper the next time you host a gift exchange game. Instead, sit back, relax, sip some cocoa—and sign up for an online gift exchange at

Ready to get gifting? The elves are standing by, year round, to get to work behind the scenes for you, your family, and your friends. Spring, summer, winter, fall, Elfster's always free for all!  Sign up today. We'll make a believer out of you!