Who dunnit? Meet the team!

 We are an unlikely team of friends, hackers, and gift geeks that have dedicated an insanely massive amount of time to the question: how can we help spread generosity by making gift giving easier? We started in 2003 when Peter spent about 2 weeks trying to save some time for his sister, Julia, and wife, Kelly, with the 1 hour/year task of organizing the family secret santa. We live and breathe for this! Well, that and our families of course :)

We are independent and powered entirely by passion, heart, and willpower. We hope you have a blast and if you've got some ideas on what we can do better, please tell us about it and give us a chance to delight you even more! Thanks for stopping by. We are here for you, and we'd love to hear from ya.

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What is Elfster?

Elfster is a free online Secret Santa organizer and social networking platform for gift-giving. Elfster gives time-strapped party planners and gift givers the tools to rediscover the joy of gift giving by organizing a Secret Santa exchange. The Elfster algorithm goes something like this:

Elfster Social Gifting = One Part Wishing + One Part Shopping + One Part Social Networking + One Part Gaming = Tons of Fun

What is a Secret Santa?

Also called Pollyanna, Kris Kringle or Amigo Secreto, a Secret Santa gift exchange is a tradition in which members of a group are randomly assigned other members to whom they anonymously give a gift. Other gift exchange traditions include Secret Sister, Secret Pal, Secret Cupid and more. You can use Elfster to organize a craft swap, a postcard exchange, a virtual baby shower or a gift exchange for your next family reunion.

How does it work?

Elfster.com makes it easier than ever to connect, communicate and celebrate the spirit of the holidays, while adding a sense of surprise and anticipation as identities remain secret. It’s the perfect holiday entertaining game for friends and families, office parties and communities with features like:

+ Universal wishlists
+ Anonymous Q&A (think "what is your favorite color?")
+ Personalized gift recommendations
+ Activity updates, or "exchange feed"
+ Group discussions, and more.