• Adding friends to your profile.
    You can add friends that are already use Elfster even if they are not in your gift exchange! To do it, just

    1) From your home page, Click on the "Friends" button in the left side menu. If you are using the app, the friends list may be found at the bottom of your home page, and is labeled Friends.
    2) Enter the name or email address of the friend you are searching for in the text box (not available in the app- select the more button in the app, and then Go To Website).
    3) Enter the email address of the friend you want to add.

    You may also share your wishlist with anyone by clicking on the share icon from the right hand side of your list. You will be given the option using email, twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Once someone accepts your invitation to follow your wishlist, they will also be listed in your friends list.
  • Who is included in my list of friends?
    Your friends list includes anyone that you share a group with, as well as anyone you follow or anyone who follows you.
  • Removing someone from my friends list.
    To leave a group, you can click on the word groups from your home page, select the group name, and then select the leave group option. If you want to un-follow someone, you can click on the gear icon from your home page, select settings, and the following tab to un-follow. The followers tab allows you to block people. If you are the organizer of a group and need to remove someone, you can click on the word groups from your home page, select the Manage Group option , and the Member List to edit.


  • Adding a nickname to my profile
    You can enter a screen name or nickname.

    To do this, click on your name from your home page to get to your own profile page

    On the left hand side, you will see an "edit" button next to word nickname. Click there and enter your nickname.

    Once you have added a nickname, it will be shown between your first and last name when you are on Elfster.
  • Adding a blog URL to my Elfster profile
    You can add the URL of your blog to your Elfster profile.

    Click on your name from your home page to get to your own profile page.

    On the left hand side, you will see an "edit" button next to words Blog URL. Click there and enter your blog address.
  • Accessing multiple child accounts
    "You can create child accounts from your own account, and quickly and easily switch between your accounts.

    You will need to know the user name and password for each existing account in order to get this set up. Click on the "manage another account" from your home page, and select Link Existing Account or Create Child Account.

    Enter the user name and password, and you will then be able to see the name of the linked account when you click on the gear icon and Use Elfster As.

    You can use the ""x"" next to the account name if you wish to remove the account from being linked to your own.

    linked accounts settings page"
  • Placing the Elfster Activity Widget on my blog
    To get the activity widget, click on the name of the exchange that you would like to post the activity for.

    You can copy and page the widget directly, or you can select the "customize" button to choose a custom height and width.

    view exchanges
  • Using the Elfster Browser Button
    Click on the wish list button from your home page, and then select Add to Wish List

    Next, select the Get the Browser Button text.

    There, you will be able to drag and drop the link into your browser's toolbar. Now, you can start using the Elfster Broswer Button to add items from any store on the web. .

Organizing a gift exchange

  • Starting a new exchange
    To begin an exchange, click on the button that says gift exchanges from the top of your home page, and then click on Start Gift Exchange. If you are using the iphone app, you can click on the button that says "Add a New Gift Exchange".

    You can follow the directions for the set up steps, and will be able to select from any existing group you may have, or enter information to create a new group.
  • Preventing spouses from drawing one another
    This is easy and essential for many gift exchanges! Here's how:

    1.Invite everyone to the exchange.

    2.Click on the name of your exchange from your home page.

    2.Click the button at the top of the exchange home page that says "Draw Restrictions".

    3.Check off "exclusions" for each person.

    Keep in mind, once you have set up restrictions for your group, they will be in place for any future exchanges with this same group. Also, only the organizer is able to see these restrictions.

    view exchanges
  • Adding participants after names have been drawn.
    1. Click on the name of your exchange from your home page, and then click on the text that says Do you want to add a latecomer?

    2. Enter the name and email address for as many people that you need to add to the exchange.

    4. You will see that you have latecomers for your exchange and can click "manage" when you are ready to draw names. If there is more than one person, the latecomers will be assigned to each other. If you have only one latecomer, you can select a name to assign the new person to, and they will receive the name that person currently has.

    People may also RSVP after names are drawn. These people will be listed as latecomers, and all latecomers will be assigned a draw when you click the Draw Names button in the latecomers section of the exchange page.

    view exchanges
  • Seeing who each person drew
    The organizer can view a summary of who each person has drawn. To view the draw summary, you can click on the name of your exchange and will see the "Participants" button across the top of the next page. Click on the participants tab, and then select show draw to see the assignments. The organizer is the only person that is able to view this, and all exchanges will have this button available to the organizer.

    view exchanges
  • Changing the email address for someone in your exchange
    1.Click on the exchange name from your home page, and then select the button that says "Participants".

    2.Under each participant you will see a button that says either "Change User Info", or "Send Gift Exchange Link" . Click on the button that is shown, and the next page will allow you to enter a new email address for the information to be re-sent. If the Change User Info button is not shown, you will need to use the resend gift exchange. Either method will send the information to the email address you enter. Participants who already have registered their accounts will need to change their own profile to make the email change permanent.
  • Inviting people who do not have an email address
    1. From the gift exchange page, click on "Invite People"

    2. In the form, enter the person's first and last name and use your own email address, or the email address of a person that will act on their behalf- that way any email messages for offline participants will be directed to a person.

    3. On the gift exchange page, click on the "Participants" tab. You can hit the accept button under their name, since you know they are planning to participate.

    4. You can now communicate the exchange details to offline participants in whatever way is most convenient for them.
  • Including children in your gift exchange
    First, invite each child separately. Enter their first and last name and use their parents' email address.

    Their parents will be able to RSVP for them, communicate the details of the gift exchange and monitor their activity on the site. The parents can create an account for each child that is participating.

    To make life even easier, parents can link children's accounts to their own so they can easily switch between accounts.

Participating in an exchange

  • Joining an exchange
    You need to have an invitation from the organizer in order to join an exchange.

    You can be invited several ways, so once you have your invite, click on the link that you receive from the organizer (either by email, on Facebook or as a sign-up link). Simply follow the instructions on the page to RSVP.
  • Socializing and wishing before the names are drawn.
    Once you have accepted the invitation to participate in an exchange, you will be able to view information about the exchange from your Elfster home page

    You can click on the exchange name, and should see a list of fellow participants, view the information about the spending limit, and how your group is going to exchange your gifts.

    A sign up deadline is set up for your exchange. Once this date has passed, you will receive an email from Elfster letting you know the name of your draw.
  • I lost the email that told me the name of my draw.
    All of the information about your exchange can be viewed from your Elfster account.

    When you get back to your Elfster home page, click on the exchange name and the name of your draw will be shown on the left hand side of the next page.
  • I am not receiving email from Elfster
    Make sure you allow email from "" and add ""to your address book.

    If you are in an office environment, let your IT team know that you are expecting and would like to receive emails from

    You should also check your junk mail, bulk mail, or spam folders to see if the message might have ended up there.

    If you still don't see the message, you can ask the organizer to resend your exchange link. They can even send it to another mailbox if you have an alternate email address.

    Elfster messages will always get into Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL accounts and we continue to test with those email providers regularly.
  • Finding a gift for my draw
    To get ideas, you can view the profile for your draw by clicking on the name of your exchange, and then clicking on their name. You will see their full profile page.

    If they do not have any items on their wish list, or you want to learn more about them, you can click on the "Secret Q&A button" to send them a question or two. This is a great way to have fun with your exchange.

    view exchanges
  • Setting email preferences
    Click on the gear icon from your home page and select "Settings" from the drop down menu. Click on the Email Notifications tab to set your email preferences.

Wish List

  • Adding to your wish list
    1.Click on the button that says "wish list" from the top banner of your home page.

    2.Click on the button that says Add to Wish List

    You will see a text box that will allow you to search for an item that you type in. If you would like to copy and paste a URL, you can click on the link button and then paste your URL into the box.

    Finally, you can also click on the text button and type in anything that you would like.
  • Creating separate wishlists for separate gift exchanges
    It's easy to create separate wish lists for your different exchanges.

    1. Click on the link that says "wishlist" from the main menu.

    2. Click on the Wish List Settings button.

    The settings page will allow you to create a new wish list, and you can select which group can view which list.
  • Marking wish list items as purchased
    You can mark an item as purchased from the wish list of your friends.

    1. Click on the friends button from the main menu.

    2. Select the name of the person.

    3. Click the link "Mark as Purchased" next to the item you got.

    If you mark an item, other people viewing this will be able to see it has been purchased, but the person wishing for it will not see any difference.
  • Sharing your wish list
    There are several ways that you can share your wish list. To begin, click on the wishlist button from your home page, and you will see a "Share Wish List" button.

    This will allow you to share via email, Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.
  • Removing items from your wish list
    To do this, hover over the wish list item description on your list. You will see a "trash can icon" on the right hand side. If you click on that, the item will be deleted.
  • Changing the order of items in my wish list
    You can control the order of your wish list items. To move items, simply hover over the item on your list. On the right hand side, you will see arrows that will allow you move the item up or down.
  • Creating different types of wish lists
    You can create a wish list that your groups can see, or you can create a Private Wish List that will not be seen by anyone. There are also seasonal wish lists like Valentine's Day Wish Lists, Back To School Wish Lists and more. Select the new wishlist button on the left hand side or your wishlist page to get started.

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