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There's no better way to spread yuletide cheer than with a Secret Santa Generator you can use all year!

Bring your coworkers, neighbors, friends and family together for a festively fun tradition that captures the magical, playful spirit of Christmas, even in July.

Full of the giving spirit, but feeling a little unorganized? Elfster's Secret Santa Generator to the rescue! We'll digitally organize and manage your Secret Santa gift exchange for you!

The Elfster Secret Santa Generator is mighty resourceful, so we only need a few things from you:

  • Plug in the details of your gift exchange, like the date, time, place, spending limit, and a sign-up deadline.
  • Provide us with participants' names and emails.
  • Sit back, and get to shopping.

It's that easy! Our Secret Santa Generator will do the rest by randomly assigning Secret Santa buddies, and keeping track of all the details in one safe place (the North Pole, of course). Each exchange participant can sign in to Elfster to create a wishlist their Secret Santa can easily peruse and shop from.

Giving a gift should be a joyful experience, not one focused on tracking names or wishlists. Elfster's Secret Santa Generator should be be the only one working hard to make your friends' and familys' wishlists a reality—we insist! Let us help make your next Secret Santa Gift Exchange just a little extra magical, while you take all the credit.