Secret Santa Generator - Setting Up and Managing Your Gift Exchange

Start a Secret Santa Exchange

Gift exchanges are a lot of fun, but can sometimes be overwhelming to set up and manage. Secret Santa Generators (Gift Exchanges) are perfect for the office Holiday Party, or families of any size in multiple locations, but can be a lot of work for the organizer. Luckily we little techie elves here at have taken care of all the hard work for you. All you need to do, as the organizer of the game, is log in and provide us elves with some basic information about your gift exchange and we do the rest for you, but insist that you take all the credit. (An elf likes to work in stealth mode)

The Honorary Elf Duties of the Secret Santa Generator/Organizer (You!)

  • Join Elfster. It’s easy to sign up for an account, and it’s absolutely 100% free!
  • Once you’ve been initiated as an honorary elf (a.k.a., the Secret Santa Organizer) you fill out a short questionnaire of your preferences for the game.
    • The name you want to call your gift exchange
    • The deadline for participants to sign up
    • The date the gift exchange will happen
    • The spending limit (optional)
    • A short message to all the participants (optional)
    • Where the gift exchange will take place - individually, at a party, or online
  • Provide us with the names and emails of the people you would like to invite to participate in the Secret Santa gift exchange and our Secret Santa generator will do the rest! (don’t worry, we keep their emails on our Super Secret Santa List and we don’t share them with anybody.)
  • People can choose to accept to play or not - there is no obligation to participate.
  • The people that choose to participate can then make a wish list on our website of the things they really really want (sort of like an “Elf Registry”).
  • We randomize/generate the list of people participating and assign everyone their Secret Santa Buddy. We keep track of everything for you, and you can access updates on everything from our website.

And that’s it! Like magic, our generator has helped you successfully organize and manage your very first Secret Santa gift exchange.

You are now an Honorary Elf!
Nice Work!