Gift Exchange Generator For All Holidays & Occasions

Start a Secret Santa Gift Exchange is the number one go-to website to organize a Secret Santa gift exchange. But you can use it for more than just a Christmas/Holiday gift exchange. is also the best gift exchange generator online as well. All holidays and events that include a gift exchange can be set up, managed and run from right here on the website. If you have been put in charge of setting up a gift exchange for your office, your family, your golf buddies, or any other group of people, you can take care of everything on Elfster’s website. The Elfster gift exchange generator tool does everything for you from emailing the invites out to the guests to generating the gift exchange participants, and everything in between.

The Top 5 Holidays, Occasions, and Events Made Easy With Elfster's Gift Exchange Generator Tool

  1. Christmas/Holiday - Secret Santa is the most popular gift exchange generator at Every year thousands of families from all over the world come together to share the spirit of giving with each other.
  2. Christmas in July - Groups of people get together every summer to exchange their favorite items with each other. Our gift exchange generator makes it more exciting and interactive by allowing participants to ask each other anonymous questions on the site, trying to get a feel for they might like or want. With elves it comes natural to know what things to give a person - - it’s magic!
  3. Corporate Gift Exchange - Companies come to us to use our gift exchange generator tool right online to keep their gift exchange organized and on track. Company picnics, company Christmas and Holiday Parties, and company team building events happen throughout the year and a gift exchange is a hot, trendy activity to set up, and we elves are all about hot and trendy. ;)
  4. Crafters Swap Gift Exchange - Dozens of craft enthusiasts come together on to generate their unique gift exchange every year. is a perfect for any craft-like gift exchange because it is a great way to share links of favorite craft items. These swaps don’t only happen once a year, but throughout the year, with different themes for each event.
  5. Any Type of Gift Exchange - Got a group of people who need to exchange gifts? Our gift exchange tool is holiday-neutral. You can use it for any holiday: Christmas, Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr and any other event. We’re all about gifts & fun!