The Ultimate Christmas Wish List App

Sometimes, I’m out shopping and see something I want as a gift. My wife encourages me to write it down so I’ll remember it later. Needless to say, I don’t.

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So, of course, I forget what it is. Here’s my half of the conversation. "I saw a shirt I want! It’s I saw it at the store by the noodle place. No, the other place."

This isn't super helpful. But that's the problem with shopping and creating wish lists. You rarely think of the things you want at a time convenient for making a list. But it doesn't have to be that way.

The Elfster app gives you all the features you need to make a portable, convenient wish list that your Secret Santa can use to get you the gift of your dreams. It's easy to create, simple to update, and convenient for the giver and giftee alike. And it's available for free in the Android app store or Apple store.

So, stop guessing. Stop trying to describe something that’s now as wispy in your mind as a dream. Use our ultimate wish list app to make your Secret Santa exchange worthy of the real Santa.

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The Ultimate Wish List App Will Change Your Gifting Experience

What makes a wish list great? Well, a wish list should be:

  • Easy to create
  • Easy to update
  • Easy to share

If you're doing a Secret Santa gift exchange rather than just collecting gift ideas, you also want a wish list app that allows the giver to buy directly from the wish list while remaining anonymous. That's why the Elfster app is perfect for your Secret Santa games: it makes everything easier.

Here are just some of its coolest features:

You Can Add Items from Our Gift Guides

The elves here at Elfster are constantly scouring stores and the web to find the hottest and coolest gifts for everyone. Our gift guides are curated and cross-curated in a ton of different ways, making it easy to pick out items for your fancy side, your geeky side, your hungry side, your bookish side, or any other side you might have.

All you have to do is scroll through the guides (or just check out what’s new), and click on what you want to add to your list. With the app, you can do this while waiting for friends, getting an Uber home, or, if you’re feeling really bold, during a boring work meeting. (Note: this should not be construed as professional advice. Don’t tell your boss. We’re just elves.)

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You Can Add Items from Anywhere on the Web

Our elves are pretty amazing, but they don't have every single thing on the internet. Luckily, they don't need to know everything. You can add items from any site to your list. Maybe you know this obscure store that sells incredible artwork or your cousin has a retail shop you want to support. You can still add it to your Elfster wish list!

This is especially great if you're out and about and come across some quirky little store around the corner from your favorite brunch place. If they have a website, you can add that cool sculpture to your list. The app lets you add anything, any time.

Teach Your Girls Your Best Dance Move
Teach Your Girls Your Best Dance Move

You Can Upload Photos

See, this would come in handy for me when I see a shirt. I can take a picture of it, add it to my wish list that way, and voila! My Secret Santa will know what kind of shirt I want, and, even better, they can maybe pick out a similar shirt that is even better. I would really appreciate that!

This is an excellent feature because it makes it a one-stop shop, literally. Take out your phone, take a picture of the item you want, and put it on the app.

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You Can Make Text-Only Lists

Of course, you aren’t stuck only with photos. You can also write down what you want. After all, you might not know the precise item. And you don't have to! You can write "great smelling soaps" or "a really good mystery book." That means the giver will have some more freedom and will get to use their imagination.

Every gift is a surprise, and every Secret Santa is exciting, but if you just make a text-only wish on your app, right at the moment when something pops into your head, you'll have that extra element of surprise.

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You Can Get Suggestions Based on Your Text

You might want some ideas to make sure you get what you want. That's another cool feature of the Elfster wish list app. Say you put in "house plants." That's nice. Everyone loves plants. But that's also pretty vague. If you want, though, you can start to get some suggestions.

Your plant wish list gift guide might give you an idea for some beautiful succulents, a mini-greenhouse, or even a Groot-shaped planter. You might think you just want some plants, like, in general. But once you get some ideas, you'll realize you want a Groot planter. No, not want: need. It could change your life. It could change everything.

Or just help you get a planter! That's still pretty cool.

You Can Get Ideas Directly From Someone Else's List

Chances are, your Secret Santa game has a bunch of players. And those players probably all have pretty good taste. They're your friends, right? Or at least your co-workers. Surely some of them will think of something you didn't.

So, look over their lists. See if you find any inspiration. And if there's something you dig, you can add it to your list with a single click. That way, you can all get the cool thing you like. That isn't a bad deal at all. They say not to covet, but unless you both want the same original Picasso (which probably isn't on Amazon), there'll be enough to go around.

Teach Your Girls Your Best Dance Move
Teach Your Girls Your Best Dance Move

You Can Create Multiple Wish Lists

Maybe you have a themed Secret Santa gift exchange and you want a list for just items that fit into that theme. Maybe you want a different wish list for co-workers than for family members. Maybe you want a wish list that's only for your eyes. Hey, we don't judge. That's why the Elfster app allows you to create multiple wish lists for different purposes.

The settings are flexible, too. You can set a wish list to be viewable by anyone, just one specific group, one single person, or keep it to yourself. This way, it's easy to have wish lists tailored to all your gifting needs.

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You Can Manage Your Child’s List

Here’s my approximation of a child's Christmas list: Just, everything. Every candy, every toy, every game. Is it a thing? Then I will have it.

Needless to say, following a child's exact wishes is anarchy. That's why you can curate and manage their list so that it'll be reasonable. And so you can make sure they get what they actually want and don’t accidentally press "Bowtie of the Month" club—a thing I hope I just made up but is giving me cold sweats just thinking about.

One really nice thing about the app is that you can mark items as purchased. This isn't always important for a Secret Santa, but if a lot of family members are buying gifts for your child, you can make sure there aren’t duplicates. There's nothing less convincing than a child pretending not to be miffed at getting two of something. And, of course, this feature is great for adults who will (probably) be less dramatic but will still not be thrilled at getting two of the same thing.

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You Can Easily Play Santa

Needless to say, the wish list isn't just for the person getting. That's only half of Secret Santa. It's also great for the giver. Once you get the name of your giftee—something our Secret Santa generator does automatically and anonymously—you'll have access to your partner's full list.

Then, you can browse through it. If an item is on our guides, you buy directly from the wish list. You can have it shipped to yourself, to the recipient, or a central location, like the office. You can even ask questions while remaining completely anonymous. And you can do it all from your phone, at a time of your choosing.

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Download the Elfster Wish List App

Our mission is to make the holidays easier and more fun. With our wish list app, you can easily track and share what you want for any occasion. And the Elfster app pairs perfectly with our Secret Santa generator , allowing you to throw a fantastically fun, festive gift exchange.

The whole giddy thrill of a Secret Santa is giving someone what they want and getting what you want while guessing who your giver is. It's a joy. It shouldn't be stressful. You shouldn't agonize over your list. You shouldn't worry whether you're buying the right thing.

That's why Secret Santa goes perfectly with the convenience of your mobile phone. In one little app, you can manage everything. You can find and request the gift of your dreams. You can buy someone else the gift of theirs. You can do it all while living your life, on-the-go, making shopping easier than a snap; it's the merest push of a button.

Ready to get started with the ultimate wish list app? Then download the Elfster iPhone app or Android app today. We make it easy to start a Wish List for any occasion. And, if you’re playing a gift exchange game, don’t forget to check out our online Secret Santa generator.