How To Play Secret Santa: Answers To Your Questions

Why does Santa wear a red suit? Why are elves so happy? How do you play the Secret Santa game? How does Secret Santa work? These are questions we hear all the time at The truth is we love questions. The elves here at are always eager to hear your questions, especially the questions about how to play the Secret Santa game. This is because is the go-to website online for gift exchanges and Secret Santa games.

Start a Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Playing Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun gift exchange you can set up for any gift giving occasion. Office parties, family reunions, clubs, leagues, and all holidays - ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS - Which is our favorite holiday!

An example of how to play Secret Santa goes like this

“My elf friends and I are going to exchange gifts on Christmas. We are going to play our favorite game: Secret Santa. Before the big day we all choose names randomly and we don’t tell anyone which elf we picked. We then go out and buy a nice gift for the elf we picked within the declared limit (which can be any amount.) Our limit is set at 100 dinkles (that’s elf money). On Christmas we get together and exchange gifts with each other. “SURPRISE!!! It’s me Brother Elf….I’m your Secret Santa”.

Playing Secret Santa on

We elves at have generated a Secret Santa system that makes the game even more fun.

  • Playing Secret Santa on allows you to include anybody, no matter where they live. This is perfect for families that are spread out and unable to get together in person.
  • People in your Secret Santa group can create wish lists from the website which provides access to the best places to shop online.
  • has taken care of all the hard work, making the Secret Santa gift exchange easy to set up, manage, and participate.

How To Play Secret Santa on

Become an honorary elf on and follow the simple steps in setting up a Secret Santa game for your office, family, fraternity, work, etc. Give us the names and email of the people that will participate, and us elves will take care of the rest. We know how to play Secret Santa, we know how it works, we know how to do Secret Santa - we’re elves, after all. And we’ve made it all easy for you!

It starts with an invite. Players receive an email inviting them to join in the Secret Santa game and sign up on Elfster. They can create a wishlist on the site from hundreds of the best online place to shop. Us elves generate the game pairing up the people in your group. You get your person’s name that you will be the Secret Santa for and keep it a secret..shhhh..don’t tell. Buy them a present staying within the limits of the group (specified by the organizer of the game, can be any dollar amount). Then all you have to do is exchange your gifts on the date of the event and reveal who you are to your gift recipient. Or you can also choose to stay anonymous, however that only really works if everyone stays anonymous. Otherwise process of elimination (and some tasty warm hot cocoa made fresh by our elves in the kitchen) will spill the beans.