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You've Been Boo'ed Card

Want to make this Halloween more spooktastic than the last? Elfster's free pumpkins, er, printables are everything you need when planning a neighborhood “ You've Been Boo'ed” gift exchange. Even if it's your first time "booing," these simple instructions and downloadable “You’ve Been Boo’d” card will make it easy for every ghoul, ghost, and goblin on the block to participate! It’s sort of like a Halloween-themed Secret Santa gift exchange, except you usually play with the neighborhood families on your street.

You've Been Boo'ed Instructions

Using an online Secret Santa Generator, you can arrange who’s “booing” who, but keep the rest a secret! Put together a basket full of fun Halloween treats like caramel apples, candy corn, and bubble gum eyeballs and dress it all up with fake cobwebs and plastic spiders. When no one’s around, leave the basket on your neighbor’s doorstep—and be careful not to be seen. Just don’t forget to include the “You’ve Been Boo’ed” printable card!

You've Been Boo'ed Card

Of course, you don’t just have to play with your neighbors, you can hold a “ You’ve Been Boo’d” Halloween office party as well! How fun would it be to see all of your coworkers get dressed up in their scariest costumes, deck their desks with Jack-O-Lanterns, and sip on some witches’ brew?

Any way that you decide to play, make sure nobody sees you when you deliver the ghoulish goods. After all, it’s Halloween—you want things to be a little bit spooky.

Believe it or not, elves love Halloween! From our fun printables to our online Secret Santa Generator, Elfster has everything you need to make the most of this spooky season.

Sharing is caring—and the Elfster elves love to do both! Feel free to print and distribute our downloadable printables in your home, classroom, or business—as long as you don’t get too creative and alter our original designs. Happy crafting from your friends at Elfster!