Tooth Fairy Letter Printable
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Tooth Fairy Letter Free Printable

Losing a tooth is a mighty big deal for a little one! Whether it’s their first or their fifth, help the busy Tooth Fairy celebrate toothy milestones with this adorable printable letter celebrating perfect pearly baby whites making way for grown up teeth. She’ll appreciate the helping hand—and I’ll bet she’ll even let you keep the tooth! Wink, wink.

Download and print this enchanting Tooth Fairy printable, then wait until your kiddo is fast asleep to slip it under their pillow or place it at their bedside in exchange for their tooth. Your little one will squeal with delight when they wake up in the morning to see that the Tooth Fairy came—and that she left them a special message!

Don’t forget to also leave a little gift in place of the tooth along with the letter. Shiny coins are an old favorite, or get creative! Keep some " just in case" gifts around the house for special occasions like these. After all, once your babe loses one, they’ll start losing teeth left and right!

Art supplies like glitter markers, gel pens, or watercolor pencils are always a fun idea for an artsy child. Or, if they’re more of the musician type, toy recorders, harmonicas, or drumsticks make great gifts. Special hair clips, little toy trucks, fancy stickers, and comic books are a few more inspired ideas that the Tooth Fairy would surely approve of. And, speaking of the Fairy of Happy Teeth, I’m sure she’d love the idea of gifting electric toothbrushes, glittery toothpaste, and bubble gum floss to help keep all those new big girl or boy teeth nice and healthy for years and years to come.

Tooth Fairy Letter Sample

With help from the Elves and their free, downloadable printable, the Tooth Fairy can finally take a much-deserved vacation, you can get in on the tooth gifting action, and your favorite mini me can really feel just how grown up they’re starting to be. Losing a tooth has never been so much fun!

At Elfster, we want to help make each moment of childhood a little extra magical for your little one! Find the perfect gifts to celebrate all of life’s milestones—big and small—with inspiration from the Elfster Gift Guides.