Secret Santa Office Rules Flyer
Secret Santa Office Rules Flyer
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Secret Santa Office Rules

Office gift exchanges can be quite a hoot! Munching Christmas cookies, sipping on eggnog, and listening to festive tunes while you joyfully exchange gifts makes for a jolly good time—as long as everyone follows the rules. You don’t want George to show up with a “gift” he got from the office supply closet again this year, do you? Of course you don’t.

To make sure your office gift exchange is a success, download  Elfster’s  Secret Santa Office Rules printable explaining exactly how this classic holiday game works. Once you’ve printed the guide out, just scribble in the party location, the spending limit, and the theme in the spaces provided. Then, tack these eye-catching, illustrative rules up on the break room bulletin board, tape them inside the elevator, or make a bunch of copies and hand them out to all of your coworkers to ensure that everyone gets the memo (especially George).

Secret Santa Office Rules Free Printable

The holidays tend to be a busy time of year—especially at work—so more often than not your office mates will need a little reminder to check their email and accept their Secret Santa invitation, make their  online wish list, and buy a gift for their giftee. They may also need to be told not to spoil any surprises—you don’t want any Grinches bringing down everyone’s Christmas spirits!

If you’re the office elf organizing the exchange, it might be wise to brush up on some detailed  Secret Santa Rules  yourself so that you can decide whether you want to play the classic version or a more modern game with a fun twist. You could also get super naughty and try a  game of White Elephant  this year; your office mates will love stealing and swapping each other’s gifts!

While it is important to stay organized, remember this is really just about having fun with your coworkers! Secret Santa gift exchanges can really help bring you and your office mates closer together, allowing you to get to know one another outside of the context of work. And, with some help from the Elfster elves, everyone will have such a good time that they won’t be able to wait for next year’s holiday gift exchange! But don’t worry—there’s always Christmas in July!

At Elfster, we want office Secret Santa gift exchanges to be as festive and fun as elfishly possible! Let the elves help keep you organized with our online  Secret Santa Generator  and  gift giving inspiration  that even Cindy Lou Who would be proud of!

Sharing is caring—and the Elfster elves love to do both! Feel free to print and distribute our downloadable printables in your home, classroom, or business—as long as you don’t get too creative and alter our original designs. Happy crafting from your friends at Elfster!

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