Famous Authors Bookmarks
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Famous Authors Bookmarks

Inspire the spirit of giving in your little ones and their classmates with a Secret Angel Exchange. Similar to Secret Santa, Secret Angel gift exchanges offer a super fun way to practice generosity by giving to others—without them knowing it was you!

Warm up your cup of tea or top off your hot cocoa with a few more marshmallows without losing your spot in your favorite story. Elfster will help you save your page with our adorable bookmarks featuring famous quotes by our favorite famous authors—Dr. Seuss, William Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, and J.M. Barrie.

These bookmarks will inspire you to dive deep into a book and get lost in its magic. Just download, print, and cut them out, then snuggle up with your favorite story. You and your little bookworms will delight in these fun, colorful page holders! These bookmarks also make great additions to your book club, your little one’s reading program, or birthday party gift bags! Let them inspire you to throw a wondrously wordy Dr. Seuss soiree or a Peter Pan-inspired book club pajama party. Hand them out so everyone can mark their favorite Peter Pan passage to read aloud to the group before bedtime.

Famous Author Bookmark Free Printables

You could even include these famous author bookmarks as part of a gift for a book-themed Secret Santa gift exchange! Tuck a few into the pages of your giftee’s book for a special surprise. And just so others don’t get envious, bring enough to share with the whole group!

If you want these colorful paper page savers to last longer and preserve their prettiness, try laminating them or printing them out onto sturdy paper because whether they’re for a little one just learning to read, or a grown up book lover with a growing personal library, these bookmarks are sure to make exploring the written word a little more magical.

At Elfster, we love getting lost in our favorite books! We’ve got everything you need to nourish your inner bookworm, from starting a book-themed Secret Santa gift exchange to creating a wish list of your must-read stories.

Sharing is caring—and the Elfster elves love to do both! Feel free to print and distribute our downloadable printables in your home, classroom, or business—as long as you don’t get too creative and alter our original designs. Happy crafting from your friends at Elfster!