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Elfster is a FREE gift exchange website to make gift-giving easier. We make Christmas, holiday or other gift exchanges free, easy, and fun!

What's the deal? I love it! I love your site. Awesome. Simply awesome!
Fabulous website! ... Excellent idea - beautifully executed.

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The Rules of Secret Santa

How to play is easier than you think. Read the Secret Santa rules and become an expert.

Secret Santa

Learn how to play Secret Santa on Elfster, the Web's most popular free gift exchange.

Secret Santa Generator

It's not electronic - it's magic. Go behind the scenes to peak at the Elfster generator.

Secret Santa Online

Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus has gone digital. Learn why playing online is more fun!

How to Play and Other Questions

Is it cold at the North Pole? Can an office or family play? What's a Secret Santa Questionnaire?

Gift Exchange Generator

Elfster is more than just Santa and Mrs. Claus. It's the Web's top gift exchange generator.

Christmas Gift Exchange

Whether you call it Christmas or Xmas, our online system makes family and friend exchanges easy, fun, and free!

Kris Kringle

How do you say 'Secret Santa' in 'Irish Gaelic?' Well Kris Kringle gift exchange, of course.

Holiday Gift Exchange

It might be Hanukkah, Eid al-Fitr or any other gift-giving holiday; Elfster is a gift exchange generator for any occasion.

Secret Santa's Cousins

There's White Elephant or Chinese gift exchanges and other cousins of Secret Santa. Meet Santa's cousins.

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