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To start your Gift Exchange, just share a few details with our Secret Santa Generator. Our elves will do the rest!

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The Secret Santa Generator

Elfster will make it easy for you to organize your next Secret Santa Gift Exchange into a HUGE success.

Whether at Christmas time or any other time of the year, your group will love you for choosing Elfster to organize your next gift exchange.

Here’s an outline of the steps:

  1. 1. Your Start Page (right here)

    You’re already on the right page! Just enter your basic info above.

  2. 2. Setup Gift Exchange

    Next, you can name your gift exchange, set the gift exchange and RSVP dates, maximum gift value amount, select if you’re participating yourself or just organizing and if the gift exchange is to be at a party or gifts exchanged individually or by mail and anything else you care to add. This is so easy… should take less than 3 minutes!

  3. 3. Send Invitations

    Next, you’ll start selecting who you’d like to invite. This is like putting names into a hat, before drawing names. Just enter names and email addresses. Don’t worry, you can invite more people all the way up to before actually drawing names. Your invitees will all get a welcome email with the info you’ve already entered (important dates, etc.).

    We’ll even give you a link that you can post online or text to your friends and family. They just follow the link to sign up for your gift exchange.

    Elfster’s Secret Santa Generator is so much better than drawing names from a hat. Later, after everyone has RSVP’d, Elfster will randomly draw names to match gift givers and recipients. Don’t worry, unlike drawing names from a hat, as organizer, you can adjust this if you like.

    Elfster will notify your group, so everyone know whose name they drew and how to proceed. Your group gift exchange on Elfster will even send reminders to everyone in your group along the way.

    Your Secret Santa Gift Exchange on Elfster will make it easy for you and everyone in your group to have a great gift exchange!