People From Around The World
People From Around The World

Elfster’s Guide to Gift Giving Customs Around the World

The similarities we share dwarf our differences. All across the world, people celebrate their sacred and meaningful holidays by coming together with food and with song, with love, laughter, and gifts. Our ability to do this—to take a day or week out of the year, give it significance, and join together with the ones we love—is one of the most remarkable and beautiful parts about being human.

At  Elfster, we want to spotlight the beautiful traditions that make up the fabric of our country—that are the heartbeat of our world. That’s why we created our Gift Giving Customs Around the World series, shining a light on the celebrations that brighten our lives.

From India to Israel, from Africa to Japan, and from Mexico to the Middle East, these traditions are shared by friends and families on every continent. You, or someone you know, probably celebrates one of these holidays. Join us as we learn about the roots and traditions of each one with Elfster’s ultimate guide to international gifting.

Each holiday is unique, with its own history and its own story. But there are a lot of similarities as well, like the shared love and joy we experience on our more important days.

At Elfster, we love gifts. We love that all of these holidays encourage gift giving. But, as you will read, a gift isn't about the material, it's about the act of giving. It's about the act of connecting, no matter where you are.

That's why the Elves love  facilitating Secret Santa gift exchanges. In a world where you can be thousands of miles away from your family during days that are meant to be shared, we can help you create a gift exchange that lets you make a connection—and that lets your loved ones know you care.

These holidays are points of connections; they connect us with our history, with our culture, and with the ones we love. No matter what holiday you celebrate, we all believe in the same things. Holidays are meant to remind us of what's most important—and that is the greatest gift of all.

How do you celebrate life with the ones you love? Tell us about your favorite gifts and memories on our  Facebook page, on Twitter @Elfster, or on Instagram @Elfster. And, to find out more about how Elfster can become a part of your celebration, whatever it is, read our silly  "How to Play Secret Santa"  guide.

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