Secret Santa Coming Right Up: The Best Christmas Gift Exchange Website

If you’re quiet you can hear us. Little elves, busy generating names and wish lists and invites for thousands of people all over the world. This kind of Christmas magic can only happen at one place (besides the North Pole):! The most talked about, trendy, must-see, Secret Santa Christmas gift exchange website online.

We elves at take the business of Secret Santa generating to a whole new level of “serious.” Making sure your special Christmas gift exchange goes smoothly and easily is what we live (and love) to do.

As the family organizer of your Secret Santa holiday gift exchange, you’ve got a lot to think about on top of all of the other things on your Christmas to-do list, and organizing Secret Santa for large groups is even more time consuming if you do it by yourself. But you’re not alone at Elfster because we will help you organize, manage and generate all those small but significant details that go on behind the scenes. We want you to enjoy your traditional family Christmas gift exchange just like everyone else. That’s why we’ve created a simple process for you to sign up on our website and get started on what is sure to be the best Secret Santa your family has ever played.

Steps to Getting Your Secret Santa Christmas Gift Exchange Started

  1. Sign up on and complete the questionaire to get your Secret Santa started.
  2. Decide on the date of the exchange, where it will take placed, who you’re going to invite, and if there is a spending limit for the group to adhere to. You are in complete control of how you prefer your Christmas gift exchange to go.
  3. Then leave it up to us elves to do the rest. We will send out the invites, and keep track of who’s replied and who needs to reply, along with a head count of who’s participating, and other nuggets of follow-up information. Then we generate/”draw” the names and email your guest list letting them know who they need to shop for.
  4. One of the great things about Elfster (next to the amazing elves themselves) is you can send the person you are Secret Santa for, an anonymous message asking them questions to get hints on what they might like to have.
  5. You can create wish lists right on by browsing one of the hundreds of retailers that you can link to right from the website, or you can type in your own search of an item you want. Either way your Secret Santa can click on any of the items you have on your wish list and buy the item for you right there online. It doesn’t get more convenient and hassle free than that. Avoid all the crowds and lines and general chaos of Christmas shopping. You can even track what has been purchased!
  6. You’re all set and ready for the big day of the Christmas gift exchange.
  7. Exchange gifts, and then you decide whether or not you want to remain anonymous or not. (We guess that depends on whether you splurged and bought something off the wish list, or if your person got a macaroni necklace this year from Secret Santa. . .

The most important thing to remember about is that it is 100% free for everyone. There is never a fee, your emails are kept private and secure, and there is no obligation whatsoever to buy anything. We won’t even try to sell you the top of the line elf shoes that are all the rage right now in Toy Factories across the globe!

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