Best Online Christmas Wish List 2017-2018

We elves want to let you in on the best-kept secret that Santa himself has been using for years—the online wish list! Making a list and checking it twice is a whole lot easier and quicker with the help of Elfster’s techie elves.

Whether you’re putting together a wish list for Christmas, a birthday, or a festive holiday any time of the year, Elfster is here to help you stay organized and inspired when it comes to gift-giving. Creating an online wish list is essentially the same as putting pen to paper and scrawling out the items you desire—except it’s far easier and way more fun!

Unique Features of the Best Online Wish List

Elfster’s online wish lists include super snazzy features that allow you to:

  • Make as many comprehensive wish lists as you'd like, for any occasion, any time of the year.
  • Share your wish list with friends or family via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, email, or text message. Alternatively, you can keep your lists top secret.
  • Search items across multiple sites—from Etsy to Amazon to Toys R Us and more—using our nifty find function. Or, copy and paste from a website using our link function to add any item on the web.
  • Browse the most extensive gift guides for any occasion to get gifting inspiration.
  • Change the order of items on your wish list so friends and family see your favorites first.
  • Add and remove items from your wish list with ease whenever you please.
  • Follow friends' wish lists to see what they want and find them the perfect gift.
  • Mark items as "purchased" on lists you are following so others won't buy duplicates—without the wish list creator finding out what you bought!
Christmas wish list

Gift-Giving Made Easy with Elfster's Online Wish List

With the holidays fast approaching, our online wish list is the perfect companion to any Secret Santa gift exchange. Once you  organize your gift exchange online, invite participants to make their own wish lists for their Secret Santas to see! Since you won’t waste time pondering what present to buy your giftee, you can spend more time planning the party and brainstorming  silly Secret Santa rules  for a fun twist on everyone’s favorite gifting game.

With online wish lists, the days of gifting guesswork are long gone. Now you and your friends and family can find the perfect gifts for one another with ease—no more ugly sweaters or copious amounts of candles! Make sure nobody’s wish list goes unseen this year by using the best online wish list available.

At Elfster, we want to help you make gift-giving as easy and fun as possible. Check out our  Elfster blog  to find creative gift and party ideas, start an online gift exchange, or get crafty with our  free printables  for every occasion.

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