Perfect Pie Tool Kit

{"ID":2049383,"CatalogueProviderID":1,"CatalogueProviderItemID":"WISH:0","SiteCultureID":1,"ImageUrl":"","Url":"","Title":"Perfect Pie Tool Kit","Description":"Make Perfect Pies Every Time with Our Exclusive Kitchen-Tested Kit! Contains a pie marker for perfectly even slices. Includes a 25x20-inch canvas pastry cloth large enough for rolling out 16-inch pie crusts, a fluted pastry cutter, rolling pin cover, and a crust protector. Bonus! Six mini cutters (apple, pumpkin, acorn, maple leaf, oak leaf, and elm leaf) for cutouts and decorative edges.","Votes":1226}
GeoSafari SeaScope

{"ID":3648667,"CatalogueProviderID":2,"CatalogueProviderItemID":"B0007ACV8C","SiteCultureID":1,"ImageUrl":"","Url":"","Title":"GeoSafari SeaScope","Description":"The powerful 4X telescope is great for viewing distant objects on land, or attach it to the mighty, water-resistant SeaScope to magnify life in streams, ponds, lakes or tidepools! The Aqualite flashlight attaches to the SeaScope for viewing in dark or murky underwater conditions! A built-in ruler allows on-the-spot measuring of specimens, and a thermometer strip determines the temperature above or under water. Requires 2 AA batteries, not included","Votes":4}
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